3PL & 4PL Warehousing

Regency Distribution Services warehouse is located at Kings Park in Sydney with 9,330 M2 facility with bespoke technology and infrastructure designed to store and manage goods in bulk and pick face. The warehouse is ideally located on M7 / M2 / M4 corridor to facilitate faster stock receipt and despatch. RDS has extensive reverse logistics expertise to handle returns and secure destruction. The warehouse has been designed to efficiently service both B2B and B2C clients with highest level of security with access control and Security cameras all over the facility. RDS warehouse is capable of catering the requirements of clients from various industry segments including Publishing Houses , Online Retailers , Toys, Spare Parts, Electronics Catering Supplies etc.

Pick & Pack

Dexion Real-time Distribution System (RDS) materials handling system which supports the intelligent conveyors and Pick to Light technology currently delivering the warehousing services at Kings Park. RDS specialize in single individual picks, Carton picks, pallet picks. The RDS automated pick and pack system with “Pick to Light” facility, directs the operator the fastest way to pick the right product, automatic selection of packaging enables saving time to pick and pack products with highest level of accuracy. Our sophisticated system not only enables “Speed to Market” service to our clients, but also selects the most suitable freight selection for cheaper and faster delivery.

- Split Case Picking

RDS has the expertise and uses Dynamix AX for Splitcase or piece picking; split case picking which is suitable for multiple orders with low picking quantities from many SKUs. This will enable Speed to Market for e-commerce businesses where the items are shipped directly to the customer; parts operations, and other item-intensive operations. The picker selects one item or group of similar items for every order in the basic order or batch at the same time. Our efficient Split Case picking system and method enables us reduce the picking time and in turn saves cost in the order picking process.

Inventory Management

RDS uses one of the most advanced Inventory management systems that enable the clients to easily manage their Inventory setting minimum and maximum inventory levels to trigger suggested orders against forecasts. Also, the system enables the client to access to see the real time Inventory and reporting.

Fast and Low Cost Delivery

Regency provides fast and low cost delivery service by using it’s superior buying power for freight and couriers’ services. Also, the already existing excellent relationships with freight partners such as Australia Post and XL Express enables last mile delivery direct to stores, customers addresses and Delivery Centers. Regency has EDI system that allows delivering goods to major retailers and Delivery Centers on boarding by using single file formats with our EDI partner and single label formats accepted and used by carriers and retailers.


“Shopping Cart to Last Mile Delivery” made easy with Regency. Our fully functional online retailing platform that integrates with our warehouse ERP system as well as client websites which enables extract orders from the client websites. This facility ensures a faster pick and pack and delivery which is the most important requirement for every Online Retailer. At times, the order would have been picked, packed and despatched even before the seller came to know that they sold their products. The platform has been designed for Cross-browser support including Internet Explorer , Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari as well as mobile devices along with very functional shopping cart and search engine features.

Customer Service

Our team of highly skilled customer service professionals provide an excellent Customer Service on behalf of our clients. Regency has over 10 years customer service experience in managing the Customer Service requirements of various segments including home entertainment, publishing houses and cosmetics industry; work to very strict KPI’s and standards based on our clients’ customer service needs.

Credit Management

Regency has significant experience of Invoicing and Payment Processing Services in managing this area to strict KPI’s as agreed with our clients SLA. This service not only increases our clients cash flow faster and also reduces cost of In-house Credit Management Service. This involves collection moneys, deposit into the nominated accounts, process discounts etc.

Value Added Services

At Regency our services are not limited to 3PL and 4 Pl services, we offer an extensive value added services to our clients with solutions designed to meet the dynamically changing market expectations.

- Kitting and Assembly

Regency provides remaindering and custom assembly, making Hampers, corporate promotional packs, Gifts and Baby Goods special packaging services.

- Shrinkwrap

We can Shrink-wrap and wrap your products for you prior to shipping.

- Point Of Sale Displays

We can create Point Of Sale Displays and custom packaging for your products.

- Printing

We can have paper inserts, flyers, coupons etc printed and added to your packages prior to shipping.

- Quality Checks

We can provide Quality checks for all of your products, to your specifications, prior to shipping.

- Value Adding

Our added services have the ability to increase the value of your products and in turn, your returns.

Also, Regency specialises in managing multinational accounts.